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Cinnamomum / Citric acid / Nutmeg / Dill seed(ground) / Dill seed(whole)
Rainbow sprinkle / Rosemary(whole) / Rosemary(ground) Marjoram(whole)
Marjoram(ground) / Basil(whole) / Basil(powder) / White pepper(powder)
White pepper(whole) / Sage(whole) / Sage(powder) / Star anise(whole)
Star anise(ground) / All spice / Bayleaf / Bayleaf(ground) / Oregano(whole)
Oregano(ground) / Clove(whole) / Clove(ground) / Chili powder / Cayenne pepper
Cajun spice seasoining / Carawayseed(whole)Coriander whole / Coriander ground
Cumin / Thyme / Thyme Ground / Tarragon / Tarragon(ground) / Tumeric
Parsley / flake / Pickling spice / Black Pepper(ground) / Whole Black pepper(whole)
Black Pepper Crack / Black Pepper Crushed(whole) / Crushed Red Pepper / Mix Herb
■ Spice
Perennial evergreen shrub belonging to the lamiaceae lamiales, etymology comes from the meaning "dew of the sea' ' Ros Marinus'. Geolcheo flowers bloom from spring to summer months in temperate climates province of origin. That is the caucasus region. In South Korea are introduced in the 1980s, the largest proportion in the hub differentiation. The piece ccupies, excessive ornamental, edible, medicinal, spices, cosmetic agents, preservatives, are used for medical. Drink mainly dry leaves or by tea. It is added to meat dishes.
Loose origin to the biennial belonging to the Northern Africa and southern Italy, the mediterranean coast. Greece was grown in BC 3-4 century. That history is a great hub for a long time beeng rown in Africa was very loved by the Romans basil food poisoning widely used invarious foods because they thought they could avoid, parsley Northern Europein the 13th century, the 15th century british, 17th century American started to introduce the current it is grown around the world.
Pool party is a kind of spice annual plant belonging to the Lamiaceae. Italy cooking, mainly used in chinese cooking. In China and Taiwan rareuk(羅勒)or slang also known as a clear call gewoochingta(pagoda 9th 九層塔)in. Since India does not put food on the sacred, basil party cheman drink brewed by tea. If the raw crushed basil leaves, pine nuts, cheese, and garlic with olive oil genova. It is a source of basil pesto dishes representing. Various pasta I can just mix a salad can make a great dish.
Bay Leaf
Dried leaves are good and fragrant bay leaf two flavors Because it's felt as a spice in cooking or put in the car. In the country when you create a different exotic Italian dishes like spaghetti or pizza sauce spices, but, there are hundreds of toxic if used laurel leaves are the reason main price is quite cheap. Internet shopping with large standard 4~5,000 won homes in the general 1-2 years can buy enough to writ eat leisure. This bout is raw leaves because some times bitter tasting like bitter flavor not even replace the old and the guava leaves.
Plants belonging to the oregano. The leaf plant that grows in warm mediterranean region dried spices write to. If the parties can grow up to 80cm or so, of course it requires an enormous amount of sunlight. Only one week sunshine regardless of how warm the temperature does not appear poems are poems the dies. Already high electrical origin from the greek for greece it has used for meat dishes, greek cuisine today in established it self as essential can never fall.
Turmeric is aperennial plant belonging to theginger. Turmeric is saturday in South Asia and plant species, temperatures of 20℃ to 30℃ and grows well in many places it rains. It is well known as spices like putting curry. From southern China through South east Asia, South Asia, from how if used as ingredients in many countries. We have to enter curry power known enough flour, for the very fact that a variety of different foods used road.
Deciduous shrub Lamiaceae, Alpine beach highlands of the country everywhere, grows beside a rock. This fragrance is called 'Thyme(百里香)'was going to put up baekri. Time of the mediterranean mountains as a spice in addition to soup, sauce of western McDonald muffins, bath, fragrance, herbal tea, fasteners, etc. are also being used.
Black Pepper
Dicotyledon piperales black pepper of dry evergreen vines, South India Malabar coast is the country of origin. It is now widely produced in South east Asia. It is used as a spice. The fruit turns red when less was cooked green peppers are cooked just like. So whether in foreign countries representing the peppers and pepper the same word(Pepper). Here hocho(胡椒) How to change it became the pepper right now. The ho(胡)it means to the barbarians, also it means that come from China.

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