Powder / Seasoning
Create qualitatively, it brings the love.
New Capsaicin Powder / Capsicum Powder / Smoke Flavor(ground)
Mashed Potato / Gelatin / Frying Mix / Korea Pancake Mix
Potato Starch / Garlic Powder / Ginger Powder / Onion Powder
Paprika Powder / Sagol Powder / Chinese pepper Powder
Topokki Spice powder / Vongole / Chickenstock
Premium Chicken Powder(for chicken store) / Chicken curing agent
Chicken briner(for chicken stores) / Es-427 / Gelidium powder
Gelidium / Pork cutlet Batter Mix / Barbecue seasoning
White Capsaicin / Potato Starch / Garlic Salt
■ Powder / Seasoning
Seasoning is a Korean term that delicious seasoning by adding spices and herbs often referred to as "seasoning." The use of seasoning has stimulated action it chwigak with taste, the appetite is increased, and therefore digestion promoting the secretion of digestive glandof eachThere is an effect that well. How it is sometimes used at the table and put the case when cooking food, salt, lemon juice, Pepper, white pepper, and often used, mainly from plants and animals adult is less kind.

After a bitter taste as salty, sour, sweet, sour, (酸味), scent such as each subject has to write some of these things together. also put a drink of sherry in the last (sherry) and Madeira (madeira) in order to taste the seasoning. Taking into account the physical and chemical properties of the food to be cooked for flavor without losing the flavor of the food seasoning, choose a unique sign up should be used, it is important to appropriately determine the order, timing, amount.

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