Natural Seasoning
ESELNARA Natural seasoning powder
to make delicious food
Pumpkin / Strawberry / Spinach / Carrot / Banana / Aloes
Balloon flower / Beet / Kelp / Anchovy / Dried Pollack
Shrimp / Green tea / Cactus / Shiitake / Dioscorea opposita
■ Natural Seasoning
Egen people who care about the health of packed products made of natural foods as a natural flavoringI want to put out a beautiful color as the color egen who are worried about pigmentation so worried about additives made of pure natural products around.
Efficacy Green Tea
There catekin contained in green tea have an unstable structure in the field of tangerine juice ascorbic acid and sucrose in sugar to stabilize the structure of catekins increase the absorption sheet the team that analysis. Professor peruji imilar to adding a "Vitamin C in green tea. Effects can be achieved," he said. The researchers published the findings in the 'International food research(food research International)' online edition.
Efficacy Cactus
ㆍThe antioxidant and anti-cancer activity ㆍThe skin fatigue and improveㆍImprove diabetes
ㆍBone HealthㆍDiet and immune enhancing and anti-inflammatory properties
Efficacy Kelp
Kelp is cleared from the blood and for example food magazine said hand down the blood pressure. The kelpeat flesh falls is also excellent for a long time that diet enough this passageIt announced. These days are also processed into various forms such as pills or powder is spotlighted as a health food.
Efficacy Dioscorea opposita
Indigestion, good for diarrhea, helps increase the energy. The main ingredient is starch, sugars(glucose, fructose), mucus(mucin), glucosamine, leucine, arginine amino acids and digestive enzymes, it contains the diastar. Since the components of mucin ingested through the village taking to the role that protected from corroding the stomach can prevent gastric protection, peptic ulcer disease.
Efficacy Shiitake
Anticancer effects
Shiitake mushrooms(48.78%in thedry matter, 6.05% of theraw stuff),dietary fiber content is rich. Contains glucan, a type of dietary fiber that suppresses cancer expect the anticancer effect. It is also separated from shiitake mushrooms. Per polymer substance(molecular weight 4 million)of lentinan(lentinan)is the inhibitory effectof a chemical carcinogen.

Other physiological activityand efficacy
- For promoting generation of anti-viral material, Interferon(IFN)
- Diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity-improving action
- Strengthen the long-term functioning dujin(痘疹)treatment
- Govern the hardships blood(風破血)dudok(痘 毒)treatment
Shrimp, Anchovy, Dried pollack powder
As it made a change of seafood products without using a sieve, such as soup dishes, etc. The product easily naelsu the taste of the soup. Ryupot,cook the soup kind, it is mainly used for cooking sauce is rich in protein, calcium vitamins and minerals.

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