Harmony of taste, color, frangrance
CEO Greeting
The Eselnara mean Clean and freshness.
As such the first start of the Clear by the morning sun like the dew that represents all sincerity and said the food industry born of honesty as well asI will take responsibility for first time to eat tasty and finally eat flavor freshness of Clean.The first country to start Eselnara of your linen taste the best customer said approached the best service.

We appreciate your participation along with you to develop the food business.Please bring it up to today, I appreciate suppliers who viewed protect the country will become a Eselnara always fulfills its commitment and responsibility.In addition to the mental attitude that always stick to the basics for developing food culture to our customers happy we will further reach.

Thank you
CEO Sung-kwan, KIM
Dew promised land of the customer towards the best returns made.
" The first fresh taste!, Clean taste of the end! "
ESELNARA CO., LTD. was founded in 1987 as a company specializing in manufacturing various spices In the meantime, we and former employees are constantly working to produce a "company that puts people and nature" under the slogan of quality products.

ESELNARA CO., LTD. are all products of continuous research and investments in excellent research staff Until the customer is satisfied nagamyeo continuously upgraded, the best in the business to overseas markets as a creative leap of the 21st century with new product development and global enterprises I will do.
2015 Establishment of a small size sauce packing(1 person) automation and delivery
2014 Exporting to CHINA with a hot sauce(“CAPSAICIN”)
2012 A new factory construction for Head office and main factory)
2011 A New Brand lauch : ‘RUCENA’
2010 Established ESBIO CO.(for a R&D center)
2009 Participates in Hanover Fair, Germany and concludes
a cooperative agreement with overseas buyers
2008 Launches a new product of Eselnara :
“Cheongyang (a Korean hot pepper)sauce”
2007 Eselnara Co., Ltd. Established (from a private company)
2004 On-line shopping mall open : www.eket.co.kr
1987 Founds a distribution firm Hyeongje Sanghoi(in the Chilsung Market)
Production facilities According to customer requirements and strive to achieve an efficient business based on the best technology,
we have advanced equipment.
Powder blender Automatic filling facility Spice rabel M/C
Sauce tank
R&D center The creative revolution ESELNARA for more advanced future begins.
Safe and clean nature of the mind to think of the family health foods are engaged in research towards the highest quality.
#41580 5, Chilseongnam-ro 35-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea | TEL: 82-53-422-0373 | FAX: 82-53-423-2061 Head Office
SUBWAY Daegu station line 1
In the third exit in the direction of the town geumryu straight 100m(5 Minutes walk)
BUS Car trunk line - No. 414
Car branch line - No. 618, No. 708(Seat), No.101, No. 402-1, No. 808, No. 651
               Daegu station(Seongne1) Get off Daegu flower market(Geumryu town)300M
CAR Expressway (Shincheon road)
- North Daegu IC → Shincheon road(City holl way) → Kyeongbook uni. bridge samsung homeplus → Daegu station north crossroads(Rotated left)

Shincheon road
- Daegu station → Daesung crossroads(Rotated left) → ESELNARA(Daegu flower market)

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