Food Additive
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nature of the gift of a happy family.
Food Coloring : Red food coloring(STM2) / Red food coloring(STM3)
Green food coloring(P4) / Gardenia yellow food coloring(2,3)
Additive : Guar gum / Xanthan guam / Gelatin / Gluten / Citric acid / Malic acid / Superbinder(Edible bond) / Succinic acid / Sodium erythorbate / Potassium sorbate / Ethyl p-Hydroxybenzoate / Sodium nitrite / Phosphate / Gelidium powder / Gelidium / Oleoresin capsicum / Oleoresin paprica / Monosodium glutamine
■ Food Additive
And the Minister of Health and Welfare is to sell the manufacturing, processing, importation, use, storage or display purposes in only if there might injure the health of the people heard the opinion of the food sanitation council in degrees additives for good chemical synthetics, so you need It was to determine the specifications and use of standard components. Inde current items that are permitted as food additives in Korea by chemical synthetic 370 kinds of natural additives than 50 species, preservatives, fungicides, antioxidants, coloring agents, coloring agents, bleaching agents, seasonings, sweeteners, spices, leavening agent, reinforcing agent, emulsifier, thickener (thickening agent), the ones used by pimakje, gum inhibitors, solvents, foam-based agent such amendments. Permitted food additives are contained in the "Food Additive Code" issued by the department of health and human services.
Part of Food additive
storage stability
Food may change or prevent spoilage. The most important one has preservatives and antioxidants. Preservatives are to inhibit the growth of microorganisms during storage gives food to prevent spoilage of food, Antioxidants slow down the oxidation of the food containing the anti-grease or speed prevent degradation and prolong the storage time.
Maintain and
improve the
The most important one there is a nutrition enhancers and emulsifiers. Fortification is the lack of nutrients this helps ensure balanced balanced food supplement it. Emulsifiers are not mixed like oil and water the two materials do not separate well mixed and rock.
And maintain
textural grant
As additives necessary for the process of creating a food has coagulant, leavening agent, a thickening stabilizer. Coagulants makes it harder for the organization of the food. Mainly used to solidify the liquid and the guard put the head when you create the equivalent thereto. Leavening agent is inflating the role of food aid and improve the organization of work and have theappropriate shape. Make bread, cookies, etc. mainly used. Thickening stabilizer is to improve the taste and quality utilizing the tactile increase the viscosity of the food.
color, odor
Representative food additive has a flavor enhancers, coloring agents, flavoring agents. Flavor enhancers acts to enhance the taste and flavor of the food has no flavor itself. L- sodium glutamate (MSG) is a leading Jeddah flavor enhancement. Coloring maintains the original color of the food, enhance or to give a new color. Flavor is given a direction to increase the food acceptability.

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